• Toilet training children with special needs

    Toilet training children with special needs

    Children with special needs may be helped to become more independent with toilet training.  Assessment may determine what steps are necessary and whether there are any bowel or bladder issues that need to be considered.

  • Bowels


    Constipation and soiling are common problems experienced by children.  Usually the child is unaware of the need to go and is not being lazy or naughty.  Stool withholding can lead to resistance to toilet training, constipation and soiling.  Assessment and treatment…

  • Day Wetting  (Daytime Incontinence)

    Day Wetting (Daytime Incontinence)

    Most children are dry during the day by the age of four. There are many contributing factors to day wetting that need to be assessed.  These include urinary tract infections, urgency, poor drinking or toileting habits and poor bowel function. …

  • Bed Wetting (Enuresis/Nocturnal Enuresis)

    Bed Wetting (Enuresis/Nocturnal Enuresis)

    Approximately 1 in 5 children in Australia experience bedwetting.  Comprehensive assessment establishes the probable reasons and guides appropriate treatment.  Although some children will grow out of bedwetting, some will continue to have problems.  Help should be sought around the age…